Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I have always been interested in cars but purely for their aesthetic value. Don't know much about the engine, don't know much about allignment. All I know is to fill up the tank and sent for lubrication and other maintenance when it needs servicing. About four years ago I bought an SUV because it looked really nice. However, since then the car has never failed to completely shut down on me at least once a year. Later I discovered that make is known for that problem. The last straw was when it died in the middle of a busy intersection and in the middle of the day. So I sold the car and booked a MyVi. I discovered while trying to sell the car that it was what 2nd car dealers called 'kereta sejuk', simply means a car that does not sell well. It'll be in the lot parked for months or maybe years.
A lesson that I learned from this experience is that when you decide to buy car consider its resale value. Certain names do not sell well meaning you get back less than half what you paid originally and many dealers will simply send you away. This is all decided by the Malaysian market who is in influenced by a lot of things. I hope someone has done a research pertaining to 2nd car buying patterns among Malaysians. So for now I think I'll be buying only national cars like Perodua (my Kancil has never failed on me) or a Honda or a Toyota. I have to wait for my MyVi for 5 months. I read in the papers the waiting period is 7 months. I hope I have made a wise choice to get a MyVi and I think I have.


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