Friday, September 23, 2005

Looking for Love aka Mencari Cinta

TV3's reality series Mencari Cinta has received some criticisms from members of the parliament this week. Before that the DPM did remark that this program does not really reflect any eastern or more specifically Malay values. My feelings towards this program is rather mixed. At one corner I find it entertaining, nevertheless, I do find it ridiculous.

The entertainment value I find from this program is the joy I get from seeing people getting eliminated, humiliated, and devalued. I guess this is one aspect of reality tv that has pulled me towards watching other series also such as AF, MI, Amazing Race, Survivor etc all involving elimination. Also, watching real life interactions instead of rehearsed and scripted ones has made these shows even more interesting to me.
I did watch Joe Millionaire, the Bachelor and For Love or Money a few times. However, soon I found them to be ridiculous that I refused to watch Outback Jack. I find the constestants vying for the love of either a man or a woman to be an utterly desperate lot. The guy in the 1st FL or M was a total arse and a jerk that any woman who chooses the guy over the 1 million deserves to be blungeoned to death for being stupid. So when TV3 announced that it will be running a similar show, my 1st reaction was "WHAT???". Can they actually pull it of? Well they did with a lot of criticisms of course. So I decided to follow the show to see who are the men trying to win the heart of this one lady. The 1st broadcast showed the interviews for the selection of the male suitors. To my surprise, one was actually a guy who likes other guys...hmmm. He was not chosen though. However, I saw also one guy, who happened to be selected, in the company of a guy who likes other guys....another hmmm.
Well anyway, why do I find this show ridiculous? First, what is so special about this woman that she deserves 10 male suitors? I think TV3 has failed to portray her as a worthy catch other than that she's able to cook, is soft-spoken and quite pretty. Can she read and understand the Quran well? Is she warm and pleasant to be with? Is she funny (1 characeristic I like)? Is she smart?If she is Siti Nurhaliza, then it's entirely a different case. Another thing is about her family. The same question I would like to ask, what is so special about her family that would really warrant someone to really want to be a part of? TV3 to me has portrayed them as a family who thinks too highly of themselves. The sisters are not special. They are not a bunch of people who have made considerable impact on humankind, nothing that I know of. What about the men's families. Are their input or decisions not worthy of anything? Can't they exercise their own perogative? Are they lesser human beings that the girl's family has the sole deciding power in this relationship? Can you actually find true love or your soul mate within a period of 3 to 4 months? How much can you really know someone if they are put there to compete againts others for affection within a short period of time? Mind you they get to see each other only during weekends. There are so much to know about a person, even the trivial ones. The show would make a lot more sense if the girl have known the men more than a year and has difficulty deciding who she wants to marry. Challenging, intellectual, spiritual, real and practical tasks given to the men would help her decide. Not challenges like dressing up a stuffed bear or killing others in a mock attack.
Here are my thoughts (RM 2.50) on the guys. Danny I think tried to hard to the point of becoming overly pretentious and annoying from the start. The 1st one who got booted out was simply annoying to watch when he speaks. The guy with the long hair is good looking but being a graphic artist, his financial capability is questionable. The chef, well, 'tak sesuai'. Zulfakar..hmm, I bet his friends teased him a lot because of his name. Azzahari, 'pun tak sesuai'. Khairul, I think his previous marriage was a factor. The mamak guy, well, he looks like he's quick tempered. You wouldn't want to live with such person for the rest of your life. My choice is actually Danial. I think he is a nice guy, with a good job and reasonably attracticve. Did I miss anyone? If I did, it shows that the person is insignificant.
Would I want to court the girl? No, I rather date two of the brothers-in-law. Fareed and the one who's in the police force...hehe. Don't mind the procuder too.


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