Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Man and the size of his...

For more than 30 years I was under the impression that a man's***is proportionate to his overall size. So, the bigger the man is the bigger I assume his***is and vice-versa. This assumption developed because that's what I saw among my friends and acquantances. However, I later discovered that this is not always the case. There are men who are taller and bigger built than me who have***smaller or about the same size as mine. One person I met who is bigger and who is of South Asian origin (two reasons to have a big****) isn't that well endowed or William Hung (say this name fast).
Another assumption that I had was that overweight or chubby men will for sure have small *** Again I was wrong. I met one guy who's big and chubby but his...was as big as those of porn stars. Another man I met, who happens to be married, has a rather small***when it was soft, but once it grew, it became long and beautiful.
This one I heard from others. Skinny men have big .... This I have yet to discover but I trust those who have educated me on this
Whether size matters***well, it depends***if it's big it'll be nice for certain activities, if it's small, it's suitable for other actions. If you're deeply in love with someone for his personality, his heart then I believe it doesn't.


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