Monday, September 19, 2005

September 27 1981

On this date 24 years ago, me and 22 other 16-19 year olds left Terminal 2, Subang Airport for the U.S. for our tertiary education. It was a day I believe to all 22 of us (1 has died) a memorable day. To me it was also a day that of a lot of first times or that leads to a other first times.

It was the first time:
  • I wore a suit. Never had a suit before and mine was made in Singapore. Took less than a week to tailor.
  • I flew in wide bodied aircrafts (Airbus 300, Boeing 747) in long haul flights. Took two days to reach the US. Before this I've been only on 45 minute flights to Penang and Singapore.
  • I stayed in a hotel and it was a Holiday Inn in Japan.
  • I mingled with girls as my primary and secondary schoolings were in all-boys school. Had no problem getting along with girls.
  • I smelled the smelly air of Hong Kong, saw Taiwan, step foot on Japan's soil and lived in a foreign country namely the US.
  • I ate Japanese rice which is actually ' fat'
  • I didn't have to wear a uniform to school.
  • I learned to pay bills, utilities, rent and all
  • I felt the cold weather and saw snow
  • I came to know of long john and wore them
  • I ate poach eggs
  • I saw American Indians
  • I saw dubious looking Black brothers
  • I realized Americans talk very fast, not like those on the telly
  • I had roast beef sandwich
  • I used travellers check
  • I opened a checking account
  • I went to K-mart. " Attention K-mart Shoppers", "There's a blue light sale on..."
  • I slept in a sleeping bag
  • I, adults movies
  • I realized that there's humping in sex
  • I watch adult movies
  • I watch soap operas
  • I experienced the longest fasting days, from to 9.30 pm
  • I learn to drive and got my license
  • I skied
  • I pumped petrol
  • I had credit cards
  • I lived alone
  • And many more I can't recall. Will probably document in another entry

However, there was also a last time for me. It was the last time I saw my grandmother who I love more than anything else in this world. I'm was prepared to die anytime for her. She was the nicest woman I have ever known and the best cook ever. Anything she made tasted good even if she hadn't put salt in it. I hope to see you Tok in the hereafter. Alfatihah for you my lovely Tok.


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