Thursday, October 06, 2005


The fasting month is here. Next it'll be Hari Raya. This Ramadhan I'll try not to buy two much food. Perhaps only two dishes and one kuih for buka. I succeeded in doing that yesterday. Also this Ramadhan from the first day my sahur was only water. My stomach does not feel good if I eat anything for sahur and it'll be hard for me to get back to sleep after that. Plus, I do not like washing plates at 5 in the morning. So there'll be a bottle of water on my bedside table. The problem with drinking too much water is that I'll be going to the toilet 4 times in an hour.
Haven't bought my baju melayu for this year's raya. Last year I didn't buy any so I'll buy baju melayu Johor again. Always prefer the Johor style because the cekak musang can be cekek musang sometimes. Don't know why but my neck is a little sensitive. That's why I never had a turtle neck sweater when I was abroad.